Tuesday, May 3, 2011

People will ask what certain product we like.  Here are a few that works well for us.  If you have anything that you want to add or works well for you, send me an email.

For their feet
"Bag Balm" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bag_Balm
It helps when they are rough or have a cut or injury.  Sometimes our dogs will cut their pads on rocks or the frozen ground.  This helps at night and they will usually leave it alone.

Dog Booties for their feet
Sometime you need more protection for a cut or weather.  I have these and they work great.  For Border Collies, a small or Medium is fine.  Most of all the dogs will keep them on.  Check out their whole site, they have a lot of cool stuff

Collar Name Tag
We usually don't have our dogs wear collars, years ago, we had one dog get caught with his collar and died, so we usually don't put them on except when we go to shows or to town.  This is a tag that does not dangle down.  It is wonderful and a good price.

Adjustable CollarTag™

CollarTags™ for Adjustable Nylon Collars:

These fit collars with a plastic clasp / snaps and single-ply harnesses.

Made of Non Magnetic Stainless Steel .060 thick, bent to match the curve of your pet's neck This style goes on adjustable collars with snap type "closure." They also work on Martingale Collars and harnesses. We guarantee they will not fall off. and they won't. It is important that you measure the collar width and order the right size, the collar filling the slot is what prevents them from falling off. ."

Petco carries this and it works very well.  When we do take the dogs somewhere, it is usually somewhere they can't get away because of other dogs.  Some dogs can slip out of a standard collar, but with this one, they can't.  Works very well
 •The Grrrip X-Tra Control Collars provide a more humane way to gain greater control over your pet

•The unique limited pinch closure prevents the collar from becoming too tight

•And, unlike metal chains, these soft yet strong nylon collars can be worn at all times

The Grrrip Limited Training Collar is a more humane way to have greater control over your pet. The unique limited closure prevents the collar from becoming too tight. And, unlike metal chains, the soft nylon collar can be worn at all times
For their Health
This is a Heartworm tablet for heartworm prevention.  Make sure you get the right size and get the "Max" it will take care of all worms including tapeworms.  Some of the others don't.
For Flees and Ticks

Use as directed and get the right size

For A Bath

This works great.  You can get it under $200. and it is sturdy and works great.  You can Google it and find it several places.  Make sure you look for the free shipping and no tax.  If anything, it was much nicer and bigger than I expected.